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Sturgeon Fishing

Trip: Sturgeon fishing
Location: Columbia, Rivers
Best times: February - May & October - November
Number of anglers: $150 per person per day.
Accommodations available

We have two different kinds of Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia, Keeper size and Trophy size fish.

Keeper Sturgeon Begins in February and is very good through the middle of May, then is very good again in October and November.

An average day fishing for keeper sturgeon includes catching a lot of fish in the 36” range as well as your keepers. An average catch for the boat is 20-50 fish. The slot limit for keeping fish is 42-60 inches, over 42 and under 60. This is very attainable and limits are the rule not the exception. Peak time for keeper sturgeon is March, - mid May, then again in October- November. Sturgeon retention is limited to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is legal to fish for them every day but you can only keep them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Trophy Sturgeon Fishing for the bigger “trophy sturgeon” Begins Mid May and is very good through mid August. These fish are HUGE, averaging 250-300 pounds, and acrobatic, about ½ of the fish hooked will jump completely out of the water. An average day will see 4-6 of these fish brought to the boat. This is big game fishing with heavy tackle and fighting belts. Depending on the fish and the angler it can take between 20 minutes and 1 hour to land these fish. We use American Shad for bait, we will catch these first thing in the morning, this usually takes about ½ hour to get enough bait to last the whole day. These fish reach lengths of over 14 feet and 8 feet is only an average size fish, we catch several 10-12 footers every year.



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